Did You Think Age is a Good Excuse to Give Up on Weight Loss?

How many times have you thought about losing weight and then excused yourself because gaining weight in middle age and beyond is just a “part of growing older?”
It doesn’t have to be that way. True, aging does do things to your body that slow down your metabolism and cause you to gain and retain weight longer.

age excuse for your diet


But you have the ability to fight back.

It’s not just women going through menopause who gain weight, although that’s a very common occurrence. Other issues according to aging affect your weight, too.

Your muscles aren’t as formidable as they once were, so your frame stores more fat than pure muscle the older you get. Your weight might be identical, but the fat looks very different from lean, toned muscle.

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This is part of the cellular changes you experience with aging.

You might need to take a two pronged approach where you’re not only watching your caloric intake and calorie burn, but also looking into hormone replacement therapy that helps you strengthen and gain your muscles and become lean again.

To combat this type of issue with weight changes or body build as you grow older, you need to choose a diet that will help with weight loss, but also assist you in cellular repair.

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