How to be skinny – 11 easy tips and good ways to lose weight Part 1

Good news for you if you want to lose weight – no exercise and diet is necessary. Of course, it’s a little more effective and faster with diet and exercise but you can get skinny slowly with making almost no effort.

The question on the minds of millions of women and men all around the world is how to be skinny in a week?

How to be skinny? It is simply about your daily healthy choices. There are about thousands of decisions that you can make which either cause you to gain weight or to lose weight. Mankind is indeed obsessed with food. Did you know that the average person think about sex 10 to 15 times a day, but food 200 times a day?

In this article you will discover how to be skinny without diet pills. It may take longer than a week, but you don´t have to eliminate the kinds of food you want to eat. You don´t have to give up your lifestyle, just a few little chances will do. If you simply skip one sugar every three coffees this would cut 366 calories out of your diet a week. Switch to 100% fruit jam, and cut 370 calories a week, or eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice, it’s 100 calories a day. It is so simple.

How to be skinny by estimate your optimal calorie intake


Here you get an easy-to-read “how to be skinny guide” with 11 simple tips to lose weight.

1. Protein – You must eat healthy foods to lose weight in the right amount.

Too little protein in your diet makes you feel hungry and you will reach for fattening snacks. International researchers found that those whose meals were 10% protein consumed 260 more calories a day than those on 15% protein – amazing. But raising consumption to 25% (Atkins Diet) was no advantage in halting over-eating. For best results arranging your plate so a quarter of your food is protein; a quarter is carbohydrate and half is vegetables. Choose lean meat, fish, eggs and alternatives, such as beans and lentils as a source of protein. But remove the skin from chicken, cut off obvious bits of fat from meat, and use minimum oil for cooking.

2. Don´t skip – Discover how to be skinny fast, naturally, without skipping meals.

Skipping a meal will lower your resting metabolism and thereby your body will store the extra calories eaten later as fat. If you skip breakfast your chances of overeating at lunch increase by astounding 50%. The foods people crave for have one thing in common – they are highly dense in calories. The skipping meals habit leads to worse food cravings than regularly eating.

3. At the buffet – Our guide on how to be skinny and still enjoy all-you-can-eat.

A buffet is an invitation to overeat, so it can be the most dangerous place for people on a diet. Survey the buffet offerings and come up with a plan, choose the foods most interesting to you, and leave the rest alone. You better focus on vegetable-based dishes without sauce or fried accompaniments. Don’t heap your plate; take small or modest amounts only. If you go back for a second or third time, choose only the lowest-calorie foods and only one item for dessert.

4. Move – Find your own way how to loose weight easily and effectively on your way to work.

Many obese people have “sitting disease” and would lose pounds easily if they did more walking, standing and moving around during their day. How to become skinny fast without exercise? You can do some activities such as walking to lunch, pacing while on the phone, cleaning the house, cooking, climbing stairs, standing while you talk to a friend, folding laundry, a 30-minute walk at lunch, or park your car 5 blocks from office. Take the stairs to your floor, or if not possible leave the elevator earlier and walk at least one floor. If you incorporate some of these ideas into your day, you burn more than 200 calories easily.

5. Eat cheese – now you get to know a secret on how to be skinny fast.

Many people commonly believe that when trying to lose weight, dairy products are high fat foods that they have to cut out of their diet immediately. Surprisingly new research showed if test persons who increased their daily servings of dairy products from three to five times a day lost the most weight. Science found the reason – dairy calcium binds with fat in the small intestine and passes through without being absorbed!

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