Low Energy Can Torpedo Your Weight Loss Efforts

If you’re considering going on a diet this year, you’ve probably considered a little bit about which diet plan you might want to go on that won’t deplete you to so few calories that you become weak and lethargic. The problem is, many of you reading this already suffer from low energy stores – so losing weight is like a never-ending battle for you.

Low energy torpedo to get skinny

Many of you reading this already suffer from low energy stores. In the Change Your Thinking – Lose More Weight plan, you’ll discover why choosing a diet based on weight loss alone can torpedo your chances of success. Look at health issues that you have that are causing you to gain weight, or at the very least, make you so void of energy that you can’t ramp up your exercise to optimal levels for decent weight loss.

  1. Depression is one medical condition – albeit mental health related – that can make you feel as if you have no energy to move.
  2. Anemia is when your body is lacking proper iron stores. Without iron, you won’t feel like exercising and burning up the calories you took in that day – and unfortunately, you may have used sugar to give you a boost of energy, so the weight ends up building.
  3. Hypothyroidism will naturally make you feel lethargic. Your metabolism will be shot, too – so even if you do manage to get up and exercise, your body won’t operate properly to burn off the calories.
  4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a hard to diagnose disease, but it’s one that makes people feel fatigued 24/7.

You might be suffering from one of these medical conditions or prescriptions and be disappointed when you pick a diet plan just based on weight loss instead of your overall health.

Have a great week!