Mental Health Woes Result in Obesity

Have you ever been prone to an episode of stress eating? Do you joke around about needing some sort of comfort food after a long, hard day?

If this describes you, then you could be at risk for allowing your emotional wellbeing to control your physical appearance and overall physical health. Just as some people reach for a cigarette, you reach for potato chips or sugar.
stress eating diet chips

Stress eating is a very real thing.

Just as some people reach for a cigarette, alcohol or drugs, you reach for potato chips or sugar – maybe even some comforting mac and cheese.

The eating habit helps you calm down after a day full of anxiety. You get your mind off of your stress by planning, shopping for, preparing and eating your meals.

Depression is another mental health issue that causes people to overeat.

You’re not listening to your hunger cues when you eat out of depression – you’re simply focused on food as a way to help you hide from your feelings.

Mental diet sabotage isn’t just about the bad times, either. Some people even reward themselves with food. They celebrate everything – every good feeling – with food!

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You don’t have to be controlled by your feelings anymore.

You can take back the reins and handle your emotions and physical health efforts without having to go to extreme measures using a potentially dangerous diet plan.

Have a great week!