New Solutions To Choose Healthier Ingredients for Your Favorite Dishes

Making the switch to start eating healthier foods isn’t an easy transition to make. Most people want to eat healthier, but dread the prospect of letting go of their favorite dishes. It’s almost like losing a good friend for some people.

It is possible to have both and be happy. You can still enjoy some of those favorite melt-in-your-mouth dishes. All you need to do is to replace some of the more fattening ingredients with healthier, skinnier alternatives and you have yourself a healthy dish! The dishes will still taste good.

skinny dip


These dishes will still taste good

Here are some examples of ways you can make your favorite dishes healthier by substituting certain ingredients:

  1. Bacon – A lot of our favorite recipes have bacon in them. You can still use bacon, but try a healthier version of it. Turkey bacon is healthier for you and most people like the taste of it. Another option is to use fake bacon since it has fewer fat grams and calories.
  2. Eggs – Eggs are in numerous recipes – from pancakes to quiches and desserts! Eggs are not bad for your cholesterol, nor are they bad for your health. The idea that eggs are unhealthy is a complete myth; indeed they are a good source of nutrients.
  3. Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a healthier option you can use to cook your food than the normal oil and lard we use or that our food is cooked in at a restaurant. It contains a unique combination of ‘skinny’ fatty acids with powerful effects on metabolism. Use it to cook and fry and as a substitute in your dishes in place of the corn oils.
  4. Coconut Flour – Unlike wheat and other flour alternatives, coconut flour is higher in protein and fiber than most wheat alternatives. Additionally if you are allergic to gluten and want cheap, healthy and tasty alternative coconut flour is the best option.
  5. Chicken – Use chicken in your dishes, but makes sure to take the skin off. This is the unhealthiest part of the chicken. Chicken can be a great protein for you, but only when it’s without the skin.
  6. Cocoa – Using cocoa instead of real chocolate for some dishes will be a healthier choice to make. It also gives you more control of what amount of sugar you want to place within the dish.
  7. Stevia – Stevia can be used in place of sugar in your favorite recipes. It still gives you that sweet taste, but it’s better for your body than artificial sweeteners.

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Eat healthier, but don’t give up all of your favorite dishes before you find out if there are healthier alternative ingredients you can use instead of some of the unhealthier ones that you normally put in your recipes. Read more about food to lose weight myth or truth on how to get skinny.

Have a great week!