Fat Versus Carb And Sugar Diet – Which One Works?

Sugar diet does it work?

In this article we will focus on the pros and cons on fat and sugar diet. For years it was believed that fat was innately bad for you. Eat fat and you will become fat, or so the thinking went. It was therefore natural that a low fat diet was the answer. However this idea of low fat diets being indisputably preferable has been challenged in recent years.

Sugar diet

Sugar Diet vs Fat Diet

Now it seems that sugar may be equally, if not even more to blame, for our current obesity epidemic. Here we will look at why so many people are struggling with weight gain and related health problems. And what combinations of low fat or low sugar in our diet help to combat these issues.

The problem of obesity in modern society

In the UK approximately 25% of all adults are obese. Even more disturbingly this figure is expected to rise to 60% of all men and 50% of all women by the year 2050. The problem of obesity is not limited only to adults either. One in every 3 children between the ages of two and fifteen are either overweight or obese. This disturbing trend means that we are facing a serious health crisis.


sweets allowed with the sugar diet

The sugar diet sweets allowed.

A new perspective on weight loss and sugar in your diet.

In the past the primary culprit for this obesity epidemic has been assumed to be fat. However, more recently sugar has become the number one villain in the battle against fat. People battling their own bulging waistlines may be left wondering whether cutting out sugary treats or reducing the amount fat in their diet is the better approach.

A recent study looking to answer this question compared the benefits of a low carbohydrate and low sugar in a diet versus. In this study two twins – who are genetically identical – where used to compared the effects the two diets. In the study one of the twins eliminated virtually almost all of the fat from their diet. The other twin was on a non sugar diet and removed almost all the carbohydrates.

The argument for low carbohydrate diets is convincing. Carbohydrates raise a person’s blood sugar levels and stimulate the body to produce insulin. Insulin helps your body to convert sugar into fat. It also makes it more difficult to use fat as source of energy. This can lead to serious health problems including high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and obesity.

Diet without sugar

Diet without sugar but lots of fat?


The study which looked at the identical twins also tested mental and physical performance in addition to weight loss on the fat vs high carbohydrate sugar diet.

The anecdotal evidence suggests that the diet high in fat and protein lead to a higher overall weight loss. Negative facts were a high loss in muscle mass, as well as a reduction in both mental and physical performance and a significant higher risk to develop diabetes.

The diet high in carbs and sugars came with less overall weight loss, but did not have the same bad impact on cognitive and physical performance.

Laboratory studies on the effects of a high sugar diet.

In a study conducted at the Scripps institute which looked at the effect of high fat and high sugar in the diet of laboratory rats, either high fat or high sugar in isolation had little effect. But when the lab rats were given the option of cheesecake which is essentially a near perfect combination of high sugar and high fat the effect was substantial. The rats gave up all other food sources in preference to the cheesecake. They would also continue to come back to the cheesecake on a consistent basis. This consistent feeding leads to huge weight gaining. The rats also become highly sedentary and slept often.


Sugar and Diet facts

Sugar and Diet facts


The Dangers Of Processed Foods

The reason for this is believed to be because the processed food is some way served to override the body’s natural system which would instruct the body that they were consuming enough calories. Even worth, while eating the “right” combination of fat and sugar (1:2), like in our favorite glazed donut, you´ll get rewarded by the brain through the release of endorphins. In the formulation of food products using food optimization, the bliss point is the amount of an ingredient such as salt, sugar, or fat which optimizes palatability (bliss point, Wikipedia).

The availability of processed foods which combine both sugar and fat are the leading reason why obesity has become such a major issue. People today are surrounded by processed foods which are both very delicious but also very high in calories. Being able to resist the temptation of these foods has not surprisingly become very difficult.



The evidence that sugar is in fact toxic may be debatable. But the fact that consuming foods and beverages which are high in sugar will lead to weight gain is beyond dispute. People who are looking to lose weight should seriously consider the impact that consuming a diet high in processed foods has on their overall health.


Both, the fat and the sugar diet are miserable, and while you can lose more weight on a high fat and protein diet, that isn’t necessarily good for you, but you can try calorie shifting. The real reason people are obese isn’t either fat or sugar, it´s the unhealthy addiction to the combination of fat and sugar in our daily food.

Source: Sugar v Fat on BBC2