Did You Think Your Thyroid Is Causing Weight Gain?

Hypothyroidism can wreak heavy on your weight, and unfortunately, it’s a situation where you may not even know you have the health problem until the doctor tests you for it because of your extreme weight gain.

slow motion to get on a skinny diet

Your metabolism slows down dramatically when you have hypothyroidism. You gain weight much faster than someone without the condition,  you become weak and lethargic – and it takes you much more work to take the pounds off, too.

Sometimes you have hyperthyroidism – which is where you normally can’t gain weight if you tried and you look skinny! But in these cases, once you’re put on medication to control the disorder, you have to be very careful because the stabilization of your thyroid means your weight won’t be as easy to control and you could start packing on the pounds.

One of the problems with thyroid disorders is that many people who suffer from them also suffer from depression. Thyroid disorders interfere with your mental well-being, so in addition to a metabolism problem, you also have to deal with emotional eating.

In the Change Your Thinking – Lose More Weight guide, you’ll figure out how to choose a diet plan that isn’t just about weight loss per se – it’s about choosing a nutritional plan that helps you control other health issues you’re currently dealing with.

There are certain healthy food diets that are better for people with thyroid disorders than others. Once you start eating for that specific health issue, you’ll find that the weight naturally falls off and is harder to put back on.

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