An Unhealthy Gut Can Prevent You from Losing Weight

One aspect of weight loss that’s making headlines lately is whether or not you have a healthy gut that allows you to shed pounds easily. Apparently, the microscopic bacteria in your gut play a key role in your chances of losing weight and keeping it off.

your gut is key on skinny diet


In the Science journal, it was shown how mice that were kept in sterile environments ended up gaining or losing weight based on whether or not they had gut bacteria transplants from obese or slim humans.

Scientists have discovered that obese people don’t have as much variety in the bacteria as thin people do, which might help prove why some people gain and some lose on the same diet plan and exercise plan.

If your doctor believes you may have an unhealthy gut, then you will want to choose a diet that incorporates plenty of probiotics to help deliver health benefits straight to your stomach.

It’s not all about the calories to get skinny, or time you spend exercising or whether you do crossfit, walking or eat sweets. It’s about how your body reacts to its environment as a whole and what other diseases it might be suffering from that have previously gone undiagnosed from you.

If you pick up a copy of “Change Your Thinking – Lose More Weight, you’ll begin to understand how overall health – down to a cellular or bacterial level – can influence your success with dieting.

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